We all love free stuff, and with the internet it’s easier to get free stuff faster than ever! Did you know that within a few minutes of searching with a couple terms on Google, you can find free swag? In this article, I’ll be teaching you how to get free samples by mail, as well as free products too.

Finding the Free Samples

The first step that you need to take is to Google for different products you want, like “free samples”, “free stuff online” or “Free Makeup Samples”.  You’ll see a bunch of different results, but you’ll need a keen eye to see which offers are genuine, and which offers are just fishing for your personal information.

How Do You Know it’s a Genuine Free Samples by Mail Offer?

Usually when you are signing up for a free sample, you’ll be redirected to the company page, or there will be a link on the page that directs you to the company. If this is missing, you’re probably just hitting a website that’s data mining and you can move on to the next site on the list on the front page of Google.

What Kind of Free Samples Are Available?

Just about anything you can imagine, there’s a free stuff online out there for you to take advantage of! This can include free beauty samples, student free stuff, and free perfume samples. There are just so many different things that you can find, and it all starts with a search.

Free Beauty Samples from Garnier

Free Beauty Samples from Garnier

Register with Customer Loyalty Programs

Many companies will send you free samples and even free products by mail on your birthday or the anniversary that you registered. You also get news about different products before they’re released, as well as coupons too.

Plan Your Totally Free Stuff Strategy

When you’ve found some good sites to get free stuff from, you should make a list of what things you want to try. If you see a new product in a magazine that you want to try (a dish detergent for example, or make up) you should write it down; do this throughout the week with different things you see and keep it in a notebook or a text file on your computer. Once you have a few things you want to look for, start Googling <product name> free samples and see if you find a free sample.

If you can’t find free samples by mail, you’ll definitely find coupons! Coupons are as good as money and can help you save so much off your monthly bills, as well as allow you to try out a myriad of different products without breaking your budget.

Getting Free Samples By Mail Is Easy

Now you know how to get great free stuff from the comfort of your own home. Just remember to be careful who you share your information with online, and you’ll do fine. Happy sampling!