Free sample addiction

A free sample of different products can be found everywhere from online stores to events like fairs. People collect them for various reasons including excitement, fun and simple saving money. No matter what is the reason this activity has started to be a hobby for some and addiction for others. Numerous people hunt for free samples just for the joy and excitement of it. But this may result in countless little packages swirling from your drawers and cabinets.

So, what to do with all of the free sample extras? Well, be creative and use them as gifts for friends and family.

Free sample gifts

Free Samples of Cigars could make a nice gift for a cigar enthusiast

Free Samples of Cigars could make a nice gift for a cigar enthusiast

Here are few suggestions.

Make yourself a travel kit. Use that shampoo free sample,and that toothpaste, conditioner, little perfume, soap and other little stuff you have, put them in the toiletry bag and you are set for the travel. If you are not a travelling person give it away as a gift to someone who is always on the go. He / she will appreciate it a lot. Travellers could also use those little snacks you have gathered. So make a little pack out of mini bars, gums or mini cereal boxes. Those with children will really be thankful for the gift.

If you have a free sample of diapers, samples of baby formulas, wipes or baby magazines then make baby gift basket and give it away to new parents. It will be of great use of them considering the prices of baby stuff. If you have coupons to go with that you will earn a lot of smiles and thanks.

Beverage lovers will be thrilled if they see a mug filled with samples of their favourite coffee or tea brands, so try making a beverage gift mug.

If you have a student around making him a gift basket out of all goodies you have would really mean much since it is a well-known fact students need everything. Just take a basket and fill it with samples of detergents, laundry soap, drinks, food, hygienic items, through in there free sample of coffee and tea samples, and everything else you think might be useful and give it away. It will be a lifesaver for them.

Use free samples you have piled up and make Christmas gifts, Valentine gifts or use an occasion important to you.

Free sample donation

If you don’t need your free samples than share and donate them to shelters and homes. Your free sample can be a great present for someone else in need. Since these institutions rely mostly on donation of others your gift will be highly appreciated and more importantly used. Food samples of cereals or bars, beverage samples will be more than welcomed in food pantries, while you can donate samples of diapers, baby formulas, and other baby necessities to women shelters, homes for abandoned children or other charities.

Do not order samples that you will not use because someone else might need it, but if you end up with something like that do not throw it away or waste it. Donate it to the ones in need.