Free Baby Samples

Free Baby Samples

Raising a baby is no easy task. Finding the right products to for your baby is difficult as well. We’re here to help as best we can! Getting free baby samples by mail is easy and it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Browse from our vast selection of diapers, baby food, baby oils, and other baby products and order what you’d like!

Free Child Safety Kit

Do you have a child? If so, you may want one of these free kits. It gives you tools you need like a place to mark down birthmarks, take fingerprints, and store other detailed information about your child in case they go missing. It’s a terrible thing to think about, but hey, if it happens, you’ll be a little more prepared. And if not, you’ll have cute (if slightly creepy) info on your child you can keep forever! Like their tiny fingerprints and recent photos. Neat?

Click here to request your free kit.


Ella’s Kitchen Free Lil’ Foodies Starter Pack

You love your child but, let’s face it, you’d love them more if they were on MasterChef Jr. Those kids rock! Why not get started building them a dream today? Sign up and Ella’s Kitchen will send you a free ‘Lil Foodies Starter Pack’, so your kid can grow up to be a world class chef (or a pretentious jerk with weird spending habits, watch them carefully here). The pack includes

  • A coupon for $1.50 off an Ella’s pouch
  • A First Foods wall chart
  • Stickers, yay
  • A Tiny Tastebud Adventure Map


Click here to get your freebie.

Jacket required.


Free Welcome Baby Kit From Target

Hey, remember that kit to welcome your baby from Walmart? Why stop at one welcome kit when you can get two? Target has the same type of program, if a little more involved: make your baby registry on their site and they’ll send you a welcome box with $50 worth of coupons and free samples. You’ll have to pick the box up in person from their Guest Services desk but, hey, such is life.

Click here to get your free samples.

Target Baby

Free Storybook and Plush Toy from Toys R Us

Children are expensive. They’re so, so expensive. Why not catch a break by taking your child (or the child you love most) to Toys R Us to hear a story and receive some youngster-friendly freebies?

All you have to do is sign up for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club to get the coupon and bring the coupon to one of their in-store events (May 6, June 3, or July 1)! Check out the link for more details.

Click here to get started on your free storybook and plush toy.

Presumably, Geoffrey is the giraffe.

Free Sample of Premama Prenatal Supplements

Expecting a baby? Expecting to be expecting a baby sometime soon? Lactating? No? Know someone who is? Great! Then this free sample of a variety of prenatal and perinatal supplements (which also comes with a $5 off coupon) is for you! These supplements are of the same quality as prescribed, over-the-counter prenatal vitamins and are easy to take – they dissolve in your beverage! No need to swallow and funky pills.

Click here to get your sample.

Free Premama Supplement Sample

Free Premama Supplement Sample

Free Fizzy Wizzies Bath Fizz

Do your kids fight you when it comes to bath time? Do you need a way that’ll turn bath time into play time without the mess? Then do we have the free product sample for you! Right now you can grab a sample of Fizzy Wizzies Bath Fizz for kids for 100% free! This fizz turns the water colors and makes bath time into play time. So go get your free sample of Fizzy Wizzies today!

Click here for a free sample of Fizzy Wizzies


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