Free Beauty Samples

Free Beauty Samples

Let’s face it, we all enjoy trying out new beauty products whenever we can. Our site has made it incredibly simple to order quality free beauty samples by mail. Try out fun new products like makeup samples, lotions, and much more! Simply find the freebies you like and order them straight from your computer. It’s as simple as that.

Free Color Wow Mini Pop & Lock Hair Gloss Treatment Sample

Has this ever happened to you? You show up for brunch and your friend Lisa is all, “Hey honey, I’m so glad t- oh, wow. Your hair looks so dull.”

Well, no more from you, Lisa! These brunching beauties will only have shiny, glossy locks from now on* with this free sample! All you have to do is sign up on Color Wow’s Facebook and your mini hair treatment should arrive in about 3 weeks.

Happy Hair-ing! …?

Click here for your freebie!

Free Color Wow Pop & Lock

*or however long a mini bottle of this stuff can stretch

Free Week Of Yoga From Corepower Yoga

Namaste, baby!

If you’re a yoga-head (or just getting into it, or just willing to give it a shot…) Corepower yoga will give you a free week to try it out.

With locations all over the US, you might just find a new place to develop your yoga practice. Or, you coud end up with one more place to avoid for the next two years because you sweat so much you slipped and knocked over two much more poised yoga doers. Either way, it’s free!

Click here to get your freebie!

Ohmmmmmmmmmygod free yoga

Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips Sample

You are hit by a pillow in the night. You awake with a start. Your partner is staring you down. “What?”, you ask innocently.

You snore. No, honey, I’m not asking, I’m telling you.

Sound familiar? Then try these Breathe Right Nasal Strips before you end up trying to sleep on the couch. They can help with snoring or just congestion of all sorts! Allergies, colds, deviated septums – if you’ve got ’em blocking your nasal passage, you can try this out.

Click here to get your free product sample.

So you can breathe, right?


Free L’Oréal Hydra-Genius Moisturizer Sample

For those of us with skin, it’s important to keep our skin in good shape. Who better to help with that than major beauty brand L’Oréal?

For a limited time, they’ll give you a free sample of their new Hydra-Genius Liquid Care Moisturizer when you sign up for their email list. And stay tuned to the offers page on their website, because they rotate the samples they give away! Lucky us (sorry, non-skin humans)!

Click here to get your free product sample.

Eureka, you're a Hydro-Genius!

Free Natures Design Product Sample

Listen, you look great. We’re not saying you need any sort of supplement or beauty product. But if you happen to be in the market, Natures Design is giving them away. Giving them away! Just fill in your info, choose one of the options on offer (the options seem to rotate occasionally), and pinky swear you’ll send them feedback. Oh, what a world!

Click here to get your sample.

Enter the Matrix.

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