Free Food Samples

Free Food Samples

Can you name a single person who doesn’t like free food? We dare you to try. Everyone loves free food samples, but most people don’t know that you can get them sent right to your door. Lucky for you, you have an advantage because you are on this page. Feel free to browse our selection of different food samples and order the ones you like.

Free Cookie When You Download The Potbelly App

This deal just in, spotted in the wild! It seems that Potbelly will give you a free cookie when you download their app. It’s an ongoing promotion, but what you get free varies depending on time of year and possibly location. These days it appears to be a cookie. Hey, if you’ve got the space on your phone, why not? It’s free!

Click here to download the iPhone app for your freebie.

Or click here to get the app for Android.


Free Sample of Bragg Nutritional Yeast

Vegetarians, lactose-intolerants, and other weirdos – rejoice!

A free sample of nutritional yeast at last has come.

For those out of the loop on this, it’s very good for you and can be used instead of parmesan and other tasty, salty food toppers. Honestly, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t give it a shot. What are you, [imitation, soy-based] chicken [replacement]?

Click here to get your free sample by mail.

yum yum!


Free Pretzel From Auntie Anne’s

Don’t get it twisted, Auntie Anne’s is the nation’s favorite pretzel!

They’re so popular, in fact, that when they tried to give away free pretzels via their perks app, they crashed their servers.

Well, that means good news for you, because they’ve extended that free pretzel deal through this Sunday, May 7, to make up for the mishaps that made their customers feel salty. So download their perks app and get on that free pretzel train!

Click here to find out more and download the app.

Pretzel love indeed.


Free Queso & Birthday Burrito From Moe’s Southwest Grill

Hey there partner, you’re sure lookin’ like you could use some queso dip.

‘Course, ’round these parts, ain’t nobody turn down some free queso. So you probably shouldn’t either.

All you have to do is sign up for Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards and you’re the sheriff of queso creek (by which I mean they give you a free queso on sign up)! They’ll also treat you to a mighty fine burrito on your birthday. So mosey on over to their website!

Click here to get your freebie. 

Queso what are you waiting for?

Ella’s Kitchen Free Lil’ Foodies Starter Pack

You love your child but, let’s face it, you’d love them more if they were on MasterChef Jr. Those kids rock! Why not get started building them a dream today? Sign up and Ella’s Kitchen will send you a free ‘Lil Foodies Starter Pack’, so your kid can grow up to be a world class chef (or a pretentious jerk with weird spending habits, watch them carefully here). The pack includes

  • A coupon for $1.50 off an Ella’s pouch
  • A First Foods wall chart
  • Stickers, yay
  • A Tiny Tastebud Adventure Map


Click here to get your freebie.

Jacket required.