Do you enjoy reading new material but hate paying for it? I think we can all agree that we dislike paying for reading material. After all, the internet provides so much free readable content that it almost seems like a waste to go to the store and pay for magazines and books. Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy reading magazines in books. There is a certain nostalgic joy about holding a paper copy of your favorite reading material. So, the question becomes how do we get around these costs? Well, here is a good start:

Free Magazines

Did you know that you could be receiving free magazines on a regular basis? Don’t worry, most people do not know this! There are actually a lot of magazine companies that offer free subscriptions to their magazine. You are probably wondering why the heck any company would give away their magazines for free. Well, the answer is simple. Magazine owners want to have as many subscribers as possible because it helps them sell ad space. Ad spaces in magazines with a lot of subscribers sell for a lot of money. While some companies like to charge for their magazines, some companies are happy enough to receive advertising revenues.

Ladies Home Journal offered free magazines to their customers.

Ladies Home Journal offered free magazines to their customers.

This works out really well for both parties involved. The company offering free magazine subscriptions gets to obtain more subscribers, and you, the reader, get to enjoy many free magazines. So, the obvious next question would be where to find these free magazine subscriptions.

Where to Find Free Magazine Subscriptions

You could spend hours browsing the web just trying to find a few magazine subscriptions, or you could simply visit a freebie site that compiles these free subscriptions for you. Essentially, these sites take all of the hard work out of ordering free magazine subscriptions. The webmasters of these sites spend hours trying to locate the best free magazine subscription, and they share their findings with you in one simple, easy to use website. Just go to their free magazine section and start signing up for the magazines you wish to receive.