Searching and collecting free product samples has become a social contagion these days. Some people even consider this growing trend as a hobby. Today you can find everything you can imagine in form of free product samples, while these can be found literary everywhere – in magazines, grocery stores, online, radio and tv station. People collect them for numerous reasons but the main one is simple. It is so exciting to get something for free.

Why do companies give out free product samples?

Companies gladly offer their products for free since it is the best way for them to introduce a new product to the market. Behind this gift stands their hope you will try the product, like the product and continue buying product. People taking these free products use them in various ways. They either spend them and save money on products, give them away as personalized presents (coffee and tea samples or cosmetics sample)  or donate to charities or shelters (food or hygienic samples)

Emergen-C recently gave out free samples of their products

Emergen-C recently gave out free samples of their products

Free product samples giveaways are a marketing method

Sampling as a marketing method costs money but the benefits of it are greater. It is simply because the people who have tried out the free product samples are more likely to buy the product later. The trick in effective sampling that will lead to gain of profit is to choose right spots for sampling as well as right method

But, effective does not mean complicated.  Sampling needs to connect the product with an idea about the product.  So, basically if you are sampling a drink or a food then it should be connected with taste, if it is a perfume then it should be connected to odour, etc.

Free product samples giveaway ideas

Here are some ideas on how to give away free product samples and attract customers.

Give samples to your employees. This way you build your own free marketing network. Your employees will give the samples to their families and friends. Offer free samples to customers inside your office or store and always have a sample close to you in case you meet potential client. Promote your product in public – use different events for this or advertise your free product samples on TV or radio.  Free product samples can be sent by mail, or you can simply send coupons which can be exchanged for free samples. Sampling methods can also include sidewalk sampling which can lead customers to your office, or offering free trials of products.

It is good to know that sampling means interacting with customers.Ifthe the communication and connections are betterthe chances for selling your product is higher.  Sampling requires that you use the best of your people for this – the once with best communication skills, open mind, great personalities and professionalism.


Free product samples giveaway is a part of long term strategy which goal is gaining profit. Even if the customers never use your product again after trying it, you have still made an impact on them.