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Free Product Samples: The Numbers Game

Those of you who have been ordering free samples are probably aware of what I am going to discuss, but those who are new should be aware of this. Sometimes, ordering free samples can be a numbers game. What do I mean by this. While it would be ideal if every sample you ordered showed up to your doorstep in a timely manner, this is not always the case. Sometimes, there can be delays in receiving your products, and some samples won’t show up at all. This isn’t meant to discourage you from ordering samples. This is intended to let you know that you shouldn’t dwell on any one particular sample. Order tons of them and you will receive freebies in the mail on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, companies may get overwhelmed by the demand for certain samples and find it difficult to keep up. This means the product may take longer than expected to get to your house. Luckily, if you are ordering tons of free samples, you won’t have to worry about this. In fact, you may even forget about some of the products you are ordering.

As mentioned before, this is not intended to discourage you from ordering samples. Most samples will be shipped in a timely manner, however, you shouldn’t stress about those that are not. There will be plenty of great offers to come. So, what are you waiting for? Go order some freebies!

About Ordering Free Samples by Mail

Ordering free samples by mail can serve many different purposes for many different people. Some people like to order product samples before actually buying a product so they can see whether they like it or not. This can help people save a lot of money while allowing them to try out a bunch of different products to see which ones are their favorites. A lot of great name brand companies provide free samples of their products because they actually believe that consumers will like them.

Alternatively, some people order freebies to help them save money. Essentially, product samples are like the ultimate coupon. You get to try a product without spending a dime on it. Some people will stock up on these samples and use them instead of paying for products. This can be a great way to save money.

Regardless of why you are ordering free samples it is important to understand how the whole system works. Understanding the system allows you to order products by mail with confidence.

Initially, a lot of people are skeptical about ordering freebies online. Who can blame them? There are a lot of scams online and it makes sense that people wouldn’t want to give away their personal information. It’s important to know that ordering free samples online is safe if you make sure to order from the right sources. There are a lot of legitimate companies that have started giving away their products as a form of marketing. It’s a great way to get consumers interested in your brand. As long as you are ordering from trustworthy companies, you should have a pleasant experience.

This is where our site comes in. We have been ordering free samples online for a long time. We started where you were and learned the ins and outs of the entire process. Our years of experience have taught us a lot about the best practices for ordering freebies. We can spot a scam from a mile away and make sure that we only provide high quality free samples from trustworthy sources. That’s why we pride ourselves on the name Quality Free Samples.

To get started, just browse the site. Everything is organized by category for easier browsing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. We are always happy to help!


Everything You Need to Know About Free Baby Samples by Mail

Whether you are about to become a parent for the first time or are expecting to expand your family, free baby samples by mail are an essential and great way for every parent to not only get free baby supplies but to also experiment with a variety of products to see what’s the best fit for your family.

What are Free Baby Samples by Mail?


Many companies and manufacturers have free samples of their various baby supplies products such as baby oil, baby shampoo, baby wash, formula, diapers, wipes, and many types of food for your little one or ones for you to try.

Why do manufacturers offer Free Baby Samples by Mail?

Manufacturers are actually quite eager to provide their current and potential consumers with free baby samples by mail. This is mostly due to the fact that the samples they provide are for products that you will need to purchase multiple, multiple times. So if you are satisfied with a free sample you will be more inclined to buy the product in the future and, potentially for years to come if you have or intend to have multiple children.

Also, satisfied and happy customers are more likely to recommend their favorite baby supplies products to other friends and families and generate both more requests for free baby samples by mail and more business/consumers for the manufacturer.

Why try Free Baby Samples by Mail?

You may be wondering why you should even care about getting a what might be considered a “small sample” compared to the amount of diapers, wipes, formula etc. you will be buying for the foreseeable future. Well, there are many ways parents can benefit from trying free baby samples by mail. For instance:

  • Your baby’s health and nourishment is of the utmost importance therefore, it’s always a good idea to test a few different kinds of formula and other kinds of baby food before finding and settling on one that best suits your baby’s wants and needs.
  • Every parent wants to make sure their baby’s skin care products are safe and effective. Perhaps you would like to try a brand of baby shampoo, oil, lotion or wash to make sure there is no allergic reaction before purchasing the product from the store.
  • Diapers are one of the top essentials when it comes to baby supplies. Maybe you would prefer to test a few brands to see which one provides the best fit and protection for your baby before committing to a brand.

“How do I get Free Baby Samples by Mail?”



By now you are probably wondering “How do I get my free baby samples by mail?”

There are many ways for you to claim your free baby samples by mail however; the best and most commonly used method would be websites. There are many baby “freebie” websites where you can browse different offers and obtain your free baby samples by mail.

Free baby samples by mail are a great way for parents to experiment and become familiar with different types and brands of baby supplies as well as save a few dollars along the way.

Guide to Free Makeup Samples

As all businesses, make up companies offer their free makeup samples in order to provoke interest, and spark excitement about their products with one goal- to get you to buy their products. Since I am a woman I know exactly how excited a person can get over something my husband would name with words I am not allowed to write here. Yes, I get excited over yet another mascara, lipstick, or eye- shadow. Sadly, but yes I use it a few times and then usually decide I don’t like it and put it aside.
So these days I usually consider trying out the products for free to see whether I like it or no and whether I wish to buy it or not. My husband usually supports the ‘no’ option. Scrooge!
There is always a question how or where to find free makeup. Here are few suggestions-

Local makeup representative gladly offer free makeup samples

The first to do is to checkyour local makeup representatives first. Salespersons will gladly offer you some free makeup samples if they think it could increase their sales although it is actually common they give away free samples after you buy something.
Next time you visit shopping centre check out makeup department store. Merchants usually give away small free makeup samples to its visitors; even if they do not offer it to you it isreally simple to ask for it. Department stores regularly offer makeovers to its customers. If this opportunity is given to you, do not miss it. You will get a new, fresh look for free and there is a great chance you will end up with free makeup samples used in your makeover to try them and see if they fit you. Just put satisfied and happy face on!

Interact with beauty product companies to get free makeup samples

If you have enough patience then explore websites of makeup companies you are interested in. They give away free makeup samples in return for taking short surveys or providing general information like your name or address. Just make sure you give only the basic information. Afterwards you will receive your free sample by mail.
You should also check make up products new releases. When beauty companies want to raise interest in their new product and create the need for it they usually send small free makeup samples on new products just to let you know it is out there. Behind that generosity lays the hope you will realize how this new product is so much better compared to old ones or to other brands. Since this is a great opportunity to get another freebie check beauty companies’ websites regularly and search for promotions.
When you figure out which one of the numerous companies is your favorite, sign up for newsletters and waits for their invitation to receive free samples.

Check out websites and beauty magazines for free makeup samples

Another great way to hunt for your precious is to sign up on web pages specialized in offering free makeup products. There you simply choose products you wish to try. The least annoying way to get free makeup samples, in my opinion, is to buy magazines. They always offer numerous samples, makeup samples included, while subscribing to them often leads to free samples on regular basis.

How to Avoid Scams While Searching for Baby Free Samples

After taking into account all the costs related to raising a child you soon realize it is going to be financially exhausted. Maybe you have started a search for baby products and found out there are a lot of baby free samples out there you could really use. Even if you have never considered it before now you started to see its benefits. Great! There are many baby free samples you could get and use and benefits of it are numerous. Other than just being free it also gives you an opportunity to try out different product before you decide which one suits your baby the best. It also saves you money. The more you get of them the more you will be able to save.


Sadly, when you decide to give it a serious go, you realize there are many scams out there as well.

But, there is a way to avoid scams. So, here is how!

Be wise in your search for free baby samples

When you come across businesses offering baby free samples before you order anything check the company’s website and find main information about it. If there is no address, phone number, references do not bother. It probably does not exist. The safest way is to order from big companies or businesses you have heard of before.

Free Baby Samples

Free Baby Samples

Internet is swirling of websites offering baby free samples. Make sure you have chosen the one with credibility. You can do that by simply reading comments of the people who already tried it in different freebie forums and communities or on that particular website. The credible ones will first check if the freebie is legit before they send it.

Blogs always seem like a great place to find free stuff but the truth is they are not always up for the task. Lots of times you waste time there on out of date and questionable freebies.

Few more things you should know about baby free samples

Baby free samples mean products should be free. So, if you are asked to pay for shipping or some other fee, it simply means it is not free and you should avoid. This also applies to free trials of different products. You will not be able to cancel it for ages, and in the worst case you will end up with compromised credit card.

Baby free samples are small portions of products, and they do not cost a fortune. When someone offers you a baby stroller, car seat, or something even bigger you should be smart enough not to request for it. Also, when that feeling inside tells you something is wrong, it probably is so just skip it and move on.

Baby free sample is a scam if it requires your credit card information or social security number

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for baby free samples is not to give your personal information to everyone. It is ok to provide your basic information like name and address but there is no need answer all questions if they are not really required. Sometimes the company will ask for your phone address or e- mail. If it does not convenient foryou, do not do it.

Finally, never, under any circumstances give away information about your credit card or social security.



Tips & Tricks for Getting Free Stuff in the Mail!

We all love to get free stuff. It usually comes in the form of a present or maybe a prize and for the most part we just can’t get enough of it. Here you can learn some great tips and tricks that have been proven highly successful and will get you tons of free stuff in the mail!

What kind of free stuff?

When it comes to getting free stuff in the mail there is really no limit to the kind (or amount) of stuff you can get. If you know where to look you can get the usual free coupons and samples; or awesome things like jewelry and gadgets; or things people don’t usually consider when they think of “getting free stuff in the mail” like pet food or pool testing kits.

The best way to get free stuff in the mail

There are a lot of ways to get free stuff in the mail like mail-in rebates or maybe taking advantage of a special offer at the store but, the most popular medium is the Internet. There are tons of websites that you can visit and sign up for to get free stuff in the mail.

Tricks for how to get free stuff in the mail

  1. Create an email address that is dedicated specifically to getting free offers and promos. Usually when you sign up to get free stuff in the mail you are required to provide an email address. This is basically so the company can send more promotional information and material to you. If your personal email is not separate from the promotional email it is very easy for personal emails to get lost in the promo chaos.
  2. If you want free samples, there are many “freebie” websites where you can sign up and get free stuff in the mail however; when it comes to quality free samples you are better off visiting the original website of the manufacturer or company you want the samples from especially since in addition to receiving free samples, it is likely you will receive in-store coupons or other valuable promotional items.
  3. Try writing to the manufacturers of the products you like detailing which of their products you use, how often you use them and that you are interested in samples of some of their new items as well as any promotional items they have available.

Tips to protect yourself while getting free stuff in the mail

It’s always fun to sign up and get free stuff in the mail but, it’s also important to exercise caution. Be careful for how much personal information you give out. You should only be required to fill out an email and mailing address and sometimes a phone number. Keep in mind that since this is to get free stuff in the mail they definitely should not be asking for your credit card or social security number and you should never provide that information for any kind of free sample or promotional item.

Also, be careful and informed. If an offer seems too good to be true- it probably is. Nevertheless research it and see what others are saying about it on blogs and other sites or look for a company phone number in order to get further details.

Getting free stuff is always fun and with these easy to use tips and tricks you can get free stuff in the mail all the time.



How to use Product Samples for Effective Direct Marketing

Product samples have been an effective and widespread direct marketing method that can be dated all the way back to the 19th century. Today, Product Sample marketing is a potent marketing method that is quickly growing in popularity and is becoming a more frequently used marketing tool amongst prominent companies.

What is a Product Sample?

Shampoo Samples

Shampoo Samples

Product samples are simply a sample of a company product given to potential consumers free of charge so they may become familiar and confident in your product before they commit themselves to a purchase of any kind.

Why use Product Sample Marketing for your Company?

Product Sample marketing is a unique marketing approach in that it does what no other brand of marketing can do- physically put your product in a consumer’s hands.

Product sampling generates excitement amongst your consumers by bringing the store experience to their home.  Emails, television commercials, magazine ads, endorsements, radio advertisements etc. can only get you so far. It is one thing to tell your potential consumers why they should buy your product and it is another thing altogether to have them try it themselves and experience why they should purchase your product.

It is getting more and more difficult to stand out in the crowd and make an impact on consumers today. Product Sample marketing is gaining importance because consumers are constantly overwhelmed by commercials, junk mail, and email advertisements. According to a poll from the Promotion Marketing Association, 75% of consumers become aware of a product through a company sending a sample. Also, according to a separate poll lead by Opinion Research Corporation for the United States Postal Service, 81% of consumers who received a sample said they would purchase the product while 61% of the polled consumers said they are more likely to try a brand if they sampled it first.

How do you employ the Product Sample Method?

Product Sampling is incredibly easy to incorporate into your marketing plan since there is a variety of ways for you to get your product samples out to your consumers.  Depending on your product, you can use super market sampling, websites, event based sampling, newspaper inserts, selective sampling, guerrilla street team sampling, or direct mail efforts.

Who employs the Product Sample Method?

Caffeine Pills Samples

Caffeine Pills Samples

Many popular and successful companies and organizations have used product sampling to help get their brand out there such as Sephora, Living Proof, and Splenda.

Sephora, an international retail beauty supply chain, offers its consumers three free product samples with every online order that they make. Online customers can select the samples they are interested in during their checkout and will receive their samples with their purchased products.

Living Proof, a celebrity endorsed hair care line, offered Facebook members the chance to get free product samples of its No Frizz hair care product.  Over 15,000 samples were requested within 48 hours and their number of fans rocketed up to over 7,000 fans from 1,000 even though becoming a fan of the product was not a requirement of the promotion.

Splenda, a U.S. based sweetener brand, used product sampling for their pocket-sized spray. More than 16,000 samples were sent out in a two week period.

It has been proven time and again that product samples are a powerful and exciting way to reach out to prospective clients and consumers and generate excitement, popularity, and trust in your product.

Free Stuff Marketing

You have probably seen or heard for number of companies giving away free stuff or offering you to try them, and you have probably wondered how will they ever earn a profit. The truth is this is among the most powerful marketing methods. This way companies have the chance to promote their products while connecting with consumers and getting feedback.

Companies utilize free stuff marketing to reach new clients

Companies utilize free stuff marketing to reach new clients


What is free stuff marketing?

Companies often claim to have good quality, but this needs to be proven as well. The best way to do it is to offer customers free stuff – a sample of the product or any other product that bears your name. Buyer will be convinced in the quality of your product if he is provided with the chance to sample companies’ product.Consumers respond positively to sharingof free products and convey this positive attitude to the company, its products and services. Theyare well aware of the fact that behind this concept stands commercial interest, but it does not bother them because they consider this form of marketing to be desirable and unobtrusive!

Free stuff marketing is a part of long term strategy, and it will lead to gaining money after a while. How is this possible? How can it increase profits? Well, since curiosity is in human nature as well as wondering this method will help businesses to stand out and grab consumers’ attention, even the attention of those who are the least interested. Sharing free products helps companies to interact with consumers, connect with them and get the insight about future clients’ needs. Other than introducing the product it helps companies to promote it to large number of people, gain clients trust, increases sales, and even beats the competition

Why free stuff marketing works

When you give away free stuff you gain consumers trust, both in the quality of products and your reputation. This makes them pay for the products later. Since they have received something for free they are more willing to buy something else from the same company. This way they still think it is a gain for them. Giving away free stuff makes customer want to share with their friends or through social media. This ‘mouth to mouth’ marketing is proven to be very effective. Let’s not forget it is free. Free stuff give away is also an effective way to make people love your company. This results with loyalty and customer that come back.

What free stuff to give away

What you will give away depends on the type of business you run. If your company is product based then you can give away your products. If you are a service based then you can offer your services for free. Online businesses can offer free eBooks, free trials or free downloads or similar services. Giving away free information in forms of brochures, leaflets or pamphlets is also very effective.

Giving away free stuff is focused on long term profit since it turns potential customers to loyal consumers.

Fun fact on free stuff give away: Google built itself in start- up phase by offering free services and avoiding advertising.



Free Samples by Mail

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the excessive amount of products that flood the market today? There is a seemingly never ending amount of brands that all supply the same products. There are at least 10 laundry detergents anywhere you go, and even more shampoos, deodorants, and cleaning supplies. This leaves the consumer with an extremely difficult decision. This also leaves marketers with the difficult task of convincing consumers that their product is the best. In the past, companies would create catchy ad campaigns to try to sway the consumer’s opinion. While this is sometimes effective, it can lose it’s power when ten other companies are running similar ad campaigns. So, how do companies differentiate themselves in an era where advertising outlets are growing exponentially?

Free Samples by Mail

The answer is simple: you bring your product directly to your target demographic. Companies are doing this by sending out free samples by mail. Basically, a company that knows they have a quality product will offer consumers a sample of that product. Companies will set up forms online where users can fill out their personal information and receive a free product sample in the mail. This is beneficial to the company because they get their product in the hands of a potential customer, and they also collect a bit of information on the customer (which can be used for further marketing).


This system also works really well for consumers. Essentially, this is the ultimate “try before you buy” system. Consumers can try out products from multiple companies and decide which ones they like best. By trying products before buying them, consumers can save a lot of money and make better buying decisions. Additionally, unlike other marketing methods, this tactic is friendlier to consumers. Companies are not throwing their products in the faces of consumers and telling them why they are so great. Instead, they let consumers come to them and ask for a free sample if they are interested.

Overall, sending out free product samples is one of the most fulfilling and effective marketing methods. It is a win-win situation in which both the consumers and the producers prosper. Companies such as Garnier, Emergen-C, Gillette, and others have continued to see positive effects from their free sample marketing campaigns. If you own your own company, start thinking about what free samples can do for you. If you are consumer, start trying out some free samples and be smarter about your buying practices.

Creative Free Sample Gifts

Free sample addiction

A free sample of different products can be found everywhere from online stores to events like fairs. People collect them for various reasons including excitement, fun and simple saving money. No matter what is the reason this activity has started to be a hobby for some and addiction for others. Numerous people hunt for free samples just for the joy and excitement of it. But this may result in countless little packages swirling from your drawers and cabinets.

So, what to do with all of the free sample extras? Well, be creative and use them as gifts for friends and family.

Free sample gifts

Free Samples of Cigars could make a nice gift for a cigar enthusiast

Free Samples of Cigars could make a nice gift for a cigar enthusiast

Here are few suggestions.

Make yourself a travel kit. Use that shampoo free sample,and that toothpaste, conditioner, little perfume, soap and other little stuff you have, put them in the toiletry bag and you are set for the travel. If you are not a travelling person give it away as a gift to someone who is always on the go. He / she will appreciate it a lot. Travellers could also use those little snacks you have gathered. So make a little pack out of mini bars, gums or mini cereal boxes. Those with children will really be thankful for the gift.

If you have a free sample of diapers, samples of baby formulas, wipes or baby magazines then make baby gift basket and give it away to new parents. It will be of great use of them considering the prices of baby stuff. If you have coupons to go with that you will earn a lot of smiles and thanks.

Beverage lovers will be thrilled if they see a mug filled with samples of their favourite coffee or tea brands, so try making a beverage gift mug.

If you have a student around making him a gift basket out of all goodies you have would really mean much since it is a well-known fact students need everything. Just take a basket and fill it with samples of detergents, laundry soap, drinks, food, hygienic items, through in there free sample of coffee and tea samples, and everything else you think might be useful and give it away. It will be a lifesaver for them.

Use free samples you have piled up and make Christmas gifts, Valentine gifts or use an occasion important to you.

Free sample donation

If you don’t need your free samples than share and donate them to shelters and homes. Your free sample can be a great present for someone else in need. Since these institutions rely mostly on donation of others your gift will be highly appreciated and more importantly used. Food samples of cereals or bars, beverage samples will be more than welcomed in food pantries, while you can donate samples of diapers, baby formulas, and other baby necessities to women shelters, homes for abandoned children or other charities.

Do not order samples that you will not use because someone else might need it, but if you end up with something like that do not throw it away or waste it. Donate it to the ones in need.

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