Have you ever been overwhelmed by the excessive amount of products that flood the market today? There is a seemingly never ending amount of brands that all supply the same products. There are at least 10 laundry detergents anywhere you go, and even more shampoos, deodorants, and cleaning supplies. This leaves the consumer with an extremely difficult decision. This also leaves marketers with the difficult task of convincing consumers that their product is the best. In the past, companies would create catchy ad campaigns to try to sway the consumer’s opinion. While this is sometimes effective, it can lose it’s power when ten other companies are running similar ad campaigns. So, how do companies differentiate themselves in an era where advertising outlets are growing exponentially?

Free Samples by Mail

The answer is simple: you bring your product directly to your target demographic. Companies are doing this by sending out free samples by mail. Basically, a company that knows they have a quality product will offer consumers a sample of that product. Companies will set up forms online where users can fill out their personal information and receive a free product sample in the mail. This is beneficial to the company because they get their product in the hands of a potential customer, and they also collect a bit of information on the customer (which can be used for further marketing).


This system also works really well for consumers. Essentially, this is the ultimate “try before you buy” system. Consumers can try out products from multiple companies and decide which ones they like best. By trying products before buying them, consumers can save a lot of money and make better buying decisions. Additionally, unlike other marketing methods, this tactic is friendlier to consumers. Companies are not throwing their products in the faces of consumers and telling them why they are so great. Instead, they let consumers come to them and ask for a free sample if they are interested.

Overall, sending out free product samples is one of the most fulfilling and effective marketing methods. It is a win-win situation in which both the consumers and the producers prosper. Companies such as Garnier, Emergen-C, Gillette, and others have continued to see positive effects from their free sample marketing campaigns. If you own your own company, start thinking about what free samples can do for you. If you are consumer, start trying out some free samples and be smarter about your buying practices.