I’ve mentioned before that I’m always surprised that most people don’t know about how to get free stuff by mail. Most people that I meet don’t know that such a thing exists. And that surprises me especially since it is one of the easiest and most fi=un things to do and it can be done any time of day or  night on the one thing that people spend more time on than almost anything else…your computer…or your cell phone! IT’S SO UNBELIEVABLY EASY.

But last Saturday night I was at a party and we got onto the conversation about hobbies. I told the group I was speaking with that one of my hobbies was getting free stuff by mail. Of course they thought I was kidding (well, nut is more like it) but then I explained to them what I do.

We compile free samples to make things easier for YOU!

Now some people think getting freebies by mail is some complicated ordeal or a big secret. They thought I wouldn’t tell them about how I get all this free stuff by mail. But of course it’s not a secret at all…the more the merrier. So I told everyone at the party about how to get free stuff by mail such as baby products, food samples, make up and cosmetic products, shampoo and health supplements. They said it sounded too good to be true…and they said it in much different wording however I then told them to look at this website. A few of them did (on their cell phones) and then within minutes saw how easy it was. There was a free perfume sample that was available and the women couldn’t believe it. I think five or six of them signed up for it right on their cell phones. And these are free samples without surveys. All you do is put in your name and address and you’re done in most cases.

OK, so the truth is that night I was the hit of the party. Word spread quickly and many people came up to me wanting to know how to get these freebies by mail.  Its so easy and people really appreciate when you tell them how to do it and where to look. Complimentary product samples are sent to people all over the country every day of the year. Manufacturers are happy to send these product samples to you at no cost because they have learned that this will benefit their company in the long run because many people will buy their product after getting a sample.

My newest shampoo was one that I would never have tried had it not been for free. I was accustomed to using whatever was on sale at the store when I went to buy shampoo. But when I saw an offer for a free sample I figured I might as well try it. And I’m really glad that I did. I even ended up buying the conditioner even though I hadn’t tried it. Since I was so happy with the shampoo I assumed the conditioner would work for me as well. And I was right.

So start browsing now and see what new products will work for you!