As all businesses, make up companies offer their free makeup samples in order to provoke interest, and spark excitement about their products with one goal- to get you to buy their products. Since I am a woman I know exactly how excited a person can get over something my husband would name with words I am not allowed to write here. Yes, I get excited over yet another mascara, lipstick, or eye- shadow. Sadly, but yes I use it a few times and then usually decide I don’t like it and put it aside.
So these days I usually consider trying out the products for free to see whether I like it or no and whether I wish to buy it or not. My husband usually supports the ‘no’ option. Scrooge!
There is always a question how or where to find free makeup. Here are few suggestions-

Local makeup representative gladly offer free makeup samples

The first to do is to checkyour local makeup representatives first. Salespersons will gladly offer you some free makeup samples if they think it could increase their sales although it is actually common they give away free samples after you buy something.
Next time you visit shopping centre check out makeup department store. Merchants usually give away small free makeup samples to its visitors; even if they do not offer it to you it isreally simple to ask for it. Department stores regularly offer makeovers to its customers. If this opportunity is given to you, do not miss it. You will get a new, fresh look for free and there is a great chance you will end up with free makeup samples used in your makeover to try them and see if they fit you. Just put satisfied and happy face on!

Interact with beauty product companies to get free makeup samples

If you have enough patience then explore websites of makeup companies you are interested in. They give away free makeup samples in return for taking short surveys or providing general information like your name or address. Just make sure you give only the basic information. Afterwards you will receive your free sample by mail.
You should also check make up products new releases. When beauty companies want to raise interest in their new product and create the need for it they usually send small free makeup samples on new products just to let you know it is out there. Behind that generosity lays the hope you will realize how this new product is so much better compared to old ones or to other brands. Since this is a great opportunity to get another freebie check beauty companies’ websites regularly and search for promotions.
When you figure out which one of the numerous companies is your favorite, sign up for newsletters and waits for their invitation to receive free samples.

Check out websites and beauty magazines for free makeup samples

Another great way to hunt for your precious is to sign up on web pages specialized in offering free makeup products. There you simply choose products you wish to try. The least annoying way to get free makeup samples, in my opinion, is to buy magazines. They always offer numerous samples, makeup samples included, while subscribing to them often leads to free samples on regular basis.