Free Baby Samples

Miscellaneous Product Samples

If you have been ordering free samples by mail for a long enough time, you know that there are some unique offers out there. Not everything is easy to categorize. This is our section for miscellaneous product samples. Be prepared for some interesting products!

For A Limited Time Only: Get 60 Days Free of Amazon Music Unlimited

Check it out! Until midnight PT tomorrow (March 25th) only, you can get a 60 day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited! Simply follow the instructions and you’ll get unlimited music from the streaming service for 2 months. You’ll be asked for your billing info – if you don’t want to pay for the service after the 60 days, just be sure to mark your calendar and cancel before the trial is up!

Click here to get your freebie!

Free Amazon Music Trial

Free Child Safety Kit

Do you have a child? If so, you may want one of these free kits. It gives you tools you need like a place to mark down birthmarks, take fingerprints, and store other detailed information about your child in case they go missing. It’s a terrible thing to think about, but hey, if it happens, you’ll be a little more prepared. And if not, you’ll have cute (if slightly creepy) info on your child you can keep forever! Like their tiny fingerprints and recent photos. Neat?

Click here to request your free kit.


Free 1-Night Rental from Redbox

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but date nights are forever. If you’ve got a hot date coming up and you’re thinking you’d like to stay in and watch a flick, Redbox has your back – free of charge. All you have to do is sign up for their perks program and you’ll get one free 1-night DVD rental (or Blu-ray or video game) on sign up and one free rental in your birthday month. Why not? It’s free!

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Redbox Free Rental

Free Package From Home To Troops Deployed Overseas With Crown Royal

Listen, free samples for yourself are great and all, but how about a free sample of doing good?

For a limited time, you can pack a bag to send to members of the America military on active duty for free and Crown Royal will send it to them. For free. It’s free! How could you not? So get in there and get a free feeling of warmth and goodwill.

Click here to pack your free Crown Royal bag for the troops.

Crown Royal Free Bag for the Troops

Free Mp3 Download Of A Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert

Rad, man! The Pepps!

I assume that’s what their fans call them. Anyway, right now you can download the full concert (broken into mp3s by song) of The RHCP Live in 2004 in Cardiff, Wales. Quite the exciting deal if you’re a Red-Head(?)!

You can also listen to samples of the recordings on the site before committing to anything, if even “free” isn’t quite enough to persuade you to grab a Pepps album.

Click here to get your freebie!

Oh man, that's so rad, man!

Free XBox Live Star Wars Games!

It’s not a trap: you can get two free Star Wars games for Xbox Live for free with your Xbox Live Gold Account!

Right now, it’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and later in the month it’ll switch to LEGO Star Wars: TCS. Use the force (well, just click) to get these free games now! Hurry before these freebies become a thing of a long, long time ago. (Ugh, ok, sorry, that last one was bad.)

Click here to get your free copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II! 

Uh-oh, the force got out of the yard again

And click here to get LEGO Star Wars: TCS!

Like Star Wars but harder on your bare feet

Free Week Of Yoga From Corepower Yoga

Namaste, baby!

If you’re a yoga-head (or just getting into it, or just willing to give it a shot…) Corepower yoga will give you a free week to try it out.

With locations all over the US, you might just find a new place to develop your yoga practice. Or, you coud end up with one more place to avoid for the next two years because you sweat so much you slipped and knocked over two much more poised yoga doers. Either way, it’s free!

Click here to get your freebie!

Ohmmmmmmmmmygod free yoga