Free Movie Tickets For “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

On the list of things that are fun, going to the movies is up there. WAY up there. People love going to the movies. I know I do! So why not do it? Especially if you can go for free! AMC and WB are teaming up to make you ‘King for a Day’ with free movie tickets to see the new King Arthur movie on April 27th, with screenings all over the US. Check it out!

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And THAT's the Legend of the Sword. The End.


Free L’Oréal Hydra-Genius Moisturizer Sample

For those of us with skin, it’s important to keep our skin in good shape. Who better to help with that than major beauty brand L’Oréal?

For a limited time, they’ll give you a free sample of their new Hydra-Genius Liquid Care Moisturizer when you sign up for their email list. And stay tuned to the offers page on their website, because they rotate the samples they give away! Lucky us (sorry, non-skin humans)!

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Eureka, you're a Hydro-Genius!

Free Lettuce Seeds From Tasty Bite

You’re a good seed. You arrive early. You shower daily. You have a garden. You sound great. Will you adopt me?

No? People over 18 can’t be adopted? Fine. Then maybe you’d like to adopt these tasty organic lettuce seeds. If you’re willing and able, they just want you to donate some of the lettuce you grow to a nearby food pantry. Which of course you will, you good seed, you.

Click here to get your free Tasty Bite Organic Lettuce Seed Sample by mail!

Here's a drawing of some lettuce.

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