Free Box of o.b. Original Super Tampons

Let’s face it, women have periods.

And, what’s worse, they (we) have to PAY for things every time it happens! And it happens every month, whether they (we) want it to or not. What a time to be alive! What to do?

Well, m’lady, you can fight the patriarchy by getting these tampons for free. And there’s 40 of them! That’s a lot of tampons! Fight the power, woman: get some nice, free tampons.

Click here to get your free box of o.b. tampons.

One less was the system of oppression can punish you for existing!

Free Pretzel From Auntie Anne’s

Don’t get it twisted, Auntie Anne’s is the nation’s favorite pretzel!

They’re so popular, in fact, that when they tried to give away free pretzels via their perks app, they crashed their servers.

Well, that means good news for you, because they’ve extended that free pretzel deal through this Sunday, May 7, to make up for the mishaps that made their customers feel salty. So download their perks app and get on that free pretzel train!

Click here to find out more and download the app.

Pretzel love indeed.


Free Queso & Birthday Burrito From Moe’s Southwest Grill

Hey there partner, you’re sure lookin’ like you could use some queso dip.

‘Course, ’round these parts, ain’t nobody turn down some free queso. So you probably shouldn’t either.

All you have to do is sign up for Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards and you’re the sheriff of queso creek (by which I mean they give you a free queso on sign up)! They’ll also treat you to a mighty fine burrito on your birthday. So mosey on over to their website!

Click here to get your freebie. 

Queso what are you waiting for?

Free XBox Live Star Wars Games!

It’s not a trap: you can get two free Star Wars games for Xbox Live for free with your Xbox Live Gold Account!

Right now, it’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and later in the month it’ll switch to LEGO Star Wars: TCS. Use the force (well, just click) to get these free games now! Hurry before these freebies become a thing of a long, long time ago. (Ugh, ok, sorry, that last one was bad.)

Click here to get your free copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II! 

Uh-oh, the force got out of the yard again

And click here to get LEGO Star Wars: TCS!

Like Star Wars but harder on your bare feet

Free Week Of Yoga From Corepower Yoga

Namaste, baby!

If you’re a yoga-head (or just getting into it, or just willing to give it a shot…) Corepower yoga will give you a free week to try it out.

With locations all over the US, you might just find a new place to develop your yoga practice. Or, you coud end up with one more place to avoid for the next two years because you sweat so much you slipped and knocked over two much more poised yoga doers. Either way, it’s free!

Click here to get your freebie!

Ohmmmmmmmmmygod free yoga

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