Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips Sample

You are hit by a pillow in the night. You awake with a start. Your partner is staring you down. “What?”, you ask innocently.

You snore. No, honey, I’m not asking, I’m telling you.

Sound familiar? Then try these Breathe Right Nasal Strips before you end up trying to sleep on the couch. They can help with snoring or just congestion of all sorts! Allergies, colds, deviated septums – if you’ve got ’em blocking your nasal passage, you can try this out.

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So you can breathe, right?


Free Welcome Baby Kit From Target

Hey, remember that kit to welcome your baby from Walmart? Why stop at one welcome kit when you can get two? Target has the same type of program, if a little more involved: make your baby registry on their site and they’ll send you a welcome box with $50 worth of coupons and free samples. You’ll have to pick the box up in person from their Guest Services desk but, hey, such is life.

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Target Baby

Free Movie Tickets For “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

On the list of things that are fun, going to the movies is up there. WAY up there. People love going to the movies. I know I do! So why not do it? Especially if you can go for free! AMC and WB are teaming up to make you ‘King for a Day’ with free movie tickets to see the new King Arthur movie on April 27th, with screenings all over the US. Check it out!

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And THAT's the Legend of the Sword. The End.


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