What are ‘freebies’?

Freebies are product samples you get free of charge from different companies. This is a form of marketing promotion of products that might result in raising interest in the product and increasing sales.  It is not really difficult to get them. If you request for it while it is still available in stocks you will get it.

Examples of freebies

Examples of freebies

How can freebies save you money?

The big question is whether collecting freebies is just a fun way to spend your free time or can you really save money on it? Well, you can actually. Look at celebrities. They get freebies all the time from different retailers. Ok, so you are not a celebrity. That does not matter because there is always some company glad to have an opportunity to send you sample product.  It will only take a little effort from your part. When you start browsing for the onesyou need you will realize that companies ask a little something in return. If you take some time a give few product reviews, answer surveys, give positive feedback it is more than possible that you will get more the one free sample over time. By simply be active in searching for offers you may gain a lot.

What freebies can save you money?

Here are few examples on how to save money with freebies.

Groceries expenses are always the biggest in a household. Freebies in this case could cut costs notably. Freebies can always be found on the internet because companies actually offer them. All you have to do is search. Try browsers like Google or Yahoo to find them. Free coupons for groceries can always be found in newspapers, pamphlets, internet, etc, or try getting a free grocery card.

Before you buy a new product, try looking for free sample of it, you might realize that you do not really need it, you can even spend your time ordering free sample instead of buying stuff you do not need. This is a great advice for shopaholics as well.

Money can be saved on reading material. Simply check subscriptions for free magazines, but make sure to avoid trial offers because you will have to cancel them later.

Lot of companies offer free services, so use variety of free services instead of paying.

Unfortunately, many of these freebies do not last long, usually because there is only a certain number available, so you have to be fast when getting them. Various websites help its visitors to find great freebies from different businesses. There is everything from furniture, brand clothing, children’s toys to make up and groceries.  Still, before grabbing your free product ask yourself do you really need it. Do not take something you will never use or throw in trash because someone else might actually need it.

You may think that few samples gotten for free will not really change the financial picture but when you do it in a while it adds up, stretches your paycheque a bit and starts making a difference.

Fun fact on freebies: freebie marketing is also known as razor and blades model from “Give ’em the razor; sell ’em the blades”. Gillete sold his razors at low price in order to foster need for his blades. But, Gillete competitors invented this model- it means give away for free some items to increase sales of other items.