We all love to get free stuff. It usually comes in the form of a present or maybe a prize and for the most part we just can’t get enough of it. Here you can learn some great tips and tricks that have been proven highly successful and will get you tons of free stuff in the mail!

What kind of free stuff?

When it comes to getting free stuff in the mail there is really no limit to the kind (or amount) of stuff you can get. If you know where to look you can get the usual free coupons and samples; or awesome things like jewelry and gadgets; or things people don’t usually consider when they think of “getting free stuff in the mail” like pet food or pool testing kits.

The best way to get free stuff in the mail

There are a lot of ways to get free stuff in the mail like mail-in rebates or maybe taking advantage of a special offer at the store but, the most popular medium is the Internet. There are tons of websites that you can visit and sign up for to get free stuff in the mail.

Tricks for how to get free stuff in the mail

  1. Create an email address that is dedicated specifically to getting free offers and promos. Usually when you sign up to get free stuff in the mail you are required to provide an email address. This is basically so the company can send more promotional information and material to you. If your personal email is not separate from the promotional email it is very easy for personal emails to get lost in the promo chaos.
  2. If you want free samples, there are many “freebie” websites where you can sign up and get free stuff in the mail however; when it comes to quality free samples you are better off visiting the original website of the manufacturer or company you want the samples from especially since in addition to receiving free samples, it is likely you will receive in-store coupons or other valuable promotional items.
  3. Try writing to the manufacturers of the products you like detailing which of their products you use, how often you use them and that you are interested in samples of some of their new items as well as any promotional items they have available.

Tips to protect yourself while getting free stuff in the mail

It’s always fun to sign up and get free stuff in the mail but, it’s also important to exercise caution. Be careful for how much personal information you give out. You should only be required to fill out an email and mailing address and sometimes a phone number. Keep in mind that since this is to get free stuff in the mail they definitely should not be asking for your credit card or social security number and you should never provide that information for any kind of free sample or promotional item.

Also, be careful and informed. If an offer seems too good to be true- it probably is. Nevertheless research it and see what others are saying about it on blogs and other sites or look for a company phone number in order to get further details.

Getting free stuff is always fun and with these easy to use tips and tricks you can get free stuff in the mail all the time.