Surely you have seen the advertisements on the internet for free stuff because they are everywhere. Free laptops, free ipods, or just about anything you can think of is advertised somewhere for you to get free. The problem is a lot of them are bogus, a lot but not all of them. You see companies will offer free samples by mail for you to try before you buy it. Why do they do this you wander? Well it’s advertising.

All companies invest in advertising and some put their investment into sample sizes of their products and offer them for free to consumers. They use this form of advertising because they know that if you try their product and like it, you will buy it. You will also tell your family and friends how much you liked it and chances are they will try it as well. By sending out free samples by mail companies are accomplishing one of the best forms of free advertising they can get, word of mouth!

Since there are a lot of advertisements for free products on the internet it’s important that you know how to guard yourself from the bogus ones. Most advertisements that are offering free laptops and ipods aren’t the ones you want to get involved with, chances are you’re not getting these types of products for free. You can, however, get household products, beauty supplies, foods, and many other types of products. There are some things you should do and know about how to get free samples by mail.

The first thing you will want to do is an internet search that will provide you with a large variety of sites offering free samples by mail. Once you’ve found a reliable one, you just fill out their form and before you know it you will be getting your samples in the mail.

What You Need to Know About Ordering Free Samples by Mail

Since you have to supply an email address on their form, you may want to set up a separate email address than your primary as most sites will send out newsletters. By having a separate email account for your freebies, you will not clutter your primary account with spam.

You should know it normally takes approximately four weeks before you start receiving your free samples by mail but once they start they will keep rolling in, if you remember to select the company’s product offer.

You should always keep your credit card or bank card in your wallet or purse. If they are asking for this information, your product samples are not free!

You shouldn’t provide your phone number, unless you want to be constantly called about product samples or other company promotions.

There are many official web sites offering free samples by mail for companies and by doing a little investigative work, you can really reap some rewards. You can test a product before you buy it, they can make nice gift baskets, and come in handy when you’re on the go.